Cousin Lover


Cousin Oscar – Jean-Marie Rimbert
Varietal: Cinsault
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Year: 2016
Price:~$19.99                                                                              Pair With: Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful

Summer is for doing something bad, like falling in love with your own Cousin Oscar.

TECHNICALLY, the first day of summer is June 21st. But I know the season has arrived when my favorite recipes start feeling repetitive, my wine loses its flavor and I’ve done at least one thing that requires me to contemplate attending confession.

But that’s kind of the purpose of summer. It’s for unplanned and rash decisions that feel and taste so right.


Pretty soon you’re trying every flavor of Dippin Dots, climbing water towers at 3 a.m.

Pretty soon your stealing pies off Old Lady Wilson’s window and tagging the Third Street bridge.

Pretty soon you’re in love with Cousin Oscar.  

Cousin Oscar is a thirst-quenching, fruit-packed, dangerously easy summer wine. It’s named for the winemaker’s cousin, Oscar, who is apparently irresistible with the ladies and after polishing off the bottle, I can see why.

It’s a wine that in winter, feels rash and out of place, but in summer comes alive and feels so right.

From the French Cinsault grape, you can expect low tannins (that dry mouth feel) and low acid (that lemon pucker feel). It tastes like a blend of homemade cranberry dressing and raspberries stolen from my Aunt’s garden. Throw it in the fridge for a while and serve with a slight chill.

I like to think the real Cousin Oscar would approve of you taking this wine on every bad decision you make this summer.

P.S. For the Narcs out there - the statue of limitations have passed on anything I admitted to in this post.