When I first decided to get “serious” about wine, I bought a subscription to Wine Spectator.

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I’ll never forget reading my first issue because it made me feel like an idiot. The articles were long, dense and indecipherable. The entire magazine seemed to be written in a foreign language. The writers, usually ancient looking men, would carry-on in an exhaustive prose that was cult-like in its exclusivity.

In the years since, my knowledge has evolved but industry writing has remained stagnant. The same ancient men are still droning on about $800 bottles, while packing their articles with as many confusing terms as possible. It’s like they’ve created an AARP version of Mean Girls and didn’t invite you. 

The Wine Bum was born from the idea that wine should be democratized. The writing on this blog tries to reflect the reality of wine drinking. There won’t be coverage of bottles reserved for the super-rich or lingo meant to exclude the novice drinker. If wine is a true and natural expression of our world, so too is The Wine Bum.


Mark is a wine professional certified by the Society of Wine Educators. His friends tolerate him for the free wine and his family because, well, they have to. In his free time he enjoys boozing, traveling, keeping his pet cactus alive, hiking, fishing and arguing with flat earthers.