Folk Machine


Folk Machine Charbono
Varietal: Charbono
Region: California – Central Coast

Year: 2015
Price:$18.99                                                                            Pair With: BLACK SHEEP - GIN WIGMORE

Depending on what number glass of wine I'm on determines what version of me you get. 

Glass 1 – The Introvert. I’m happy to watch and listen as conversation floats by.

Glass 2 – The Entertainer. I'll dance to just about anything. Not very well, but I will dance. And that’s only two glasses deep.

Glass 3 to 5 – The “Prankster”. I don’t necessarily like the word “Prankster” because it conjures up an image of some 80’s letterman-wearing jock. Maybe “Rascal” is a better term. In any case, you won’t see it coming but hopefully laugh about it later.

Glass 5 to 10 – The Lover. Okay, now we’re best friends, kindred spirits, amigos, homies. We’re either taking another crack at the dance floor or one of us needs to buy some shots.

This wine, based on the Charbono grape, is a lot like the versions of myself. It has many alter egos and depending on its temperament will show a distinct personality in the glass.

The very history of the grape is shrouded in mystery and mistakes. I witnessed two wine shop dudes nearly go fisticuffs over Charbono’s true origin - making me an instant fan of the grape.

After a little “researching” (if you read AND drink wine it's research) I quickly realized the employees’ frustration.  

Grown in France, Italy, Argentina and California where it’s known as Charbono, this grape goes by many names and styles. It’s like the grape itself is just testing out what sounds best - Charbono, Bonarda, Dolcetto or Douce noir. The styles are just as varied as it’s names. In Argentina the grape is meant for early drinking, while in California it spends more time in bottle.

The frustrating part is that wine drinkers like to put grapes into concise buckets – origin, physical characteristics and associated wine style. We like to know EXACTLY what’s in our glass. But Charbono be like “Dat ain’t me”.  It's the unapologetic black sheep of grapes. And I love it for that reason.

From the dudes at Hobo Wine Company comes this piece of heaven - Folk Machine Charbono. 

The 2015 Folk Machine is bittersweet to the last drop. A visually dark and brooding wine, its emo exterior gives way to a bright and balanced wine. Surprisingly light with easy to drink acidity, this one leaves you salivating for more.