Party on Garth


Matthiasson Wines "TENDU"
Varietal: Red Blend
Region: California
Year: 2014
Price: ~$24

Last week I had a party. The bottles were popping and the wine flowing. When my old wheelchair came out from the garage and a impromptu wheelie contest broke out, I knew it was time for the party wine.

A party wine is something you serve when you've been over-served. Light and easy to drink it usually has mass appeal. For awhile I was pouring a smooth Malbec that was cheap as shit, but tasted great. Then I found Matthiasson's TENDU Red Blend.

TENDU is the perfect party wine thanks to size, taste and the fact you can pry its cap off with your teeth. At a full liter in size it gives you an extra glass, or two, and can go the distance.  Light, zippy and hella refreshing it goes down way too easy. 

Also, for you Super Trooper fans:

Super troopers.JPG